Betting MLB Daily Game Props At Online Sportsbooks

Betting boards at online sportsbooks such GTBETS are filled with daily action. This is a far cry from a few months back due to the coronavirus outbreak. The NBA and NHL playoffs are underway. The NFL is just weeks away from starting its 2020 regular season. As far as daily action, MLB games may offer the most in betting value.

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What Are The Best Bets For Betting MLB Daily Game Props At Online Sportsbooks?

Moneylines and totals still bring in the bulk of daily baseball revenue. There is also a fair amount of action on MLB run lines. What many bettors do not realize is the long list of prop bet options for MLB games. These tend to be an afterthought for recreational bettors. However, the pros know that sometimes the best value can be found in MLB props.

With three major betting sports back on the board, line setters are tasked with formulating sharp lines on short notice.

Coming up with sharp moneylines, total lines and run lines puts daily props on the backburner.

Oddsmakers base those prop lines more on past results than current form. Seeking out hot hitting teams or individual players could reveal a few prop bet gifts. Most of these props are in the form of OVER/UNDER bets on performance totals.

For starting pitchers, this might include earned runs allowed and strikeouts. For batters, common props cover hits, runs and home runs or a combination of the three. Your job is to find the teams and players that are overvalued or undervalued as compared to that day’s prop odds.

For example, San Diego’s Fernando Tatis Jr. leads the National League in home runs (11) and RBI (28). He has tore things up over his last four games. The shortstop has posted six hits, seven runs scored, three home runs and 10 RBI.

He becomes a value play for performance props no matter how high the numbers are set. Going through the list of league leaders in every major MLB statistical category should reveal more value plays.

The flip side of value plays for MLB props are slumping teams and players. In the AL, the Boston Red Sox have just one win in their last 10 games. Over in the NL, the Colorado Rockies and San Francisco Giants are 3-7 in the same span.

By breaking down the pitching and hitting stats for all three teams, there will be some overvalued props for upcoming games.

Betting MLB Daily Game Props At Online Sportsbooks
Certain professional MLB handicappers spend the majority of their time looking for prop bet value plays. They understand how the odds are set and how to exploit the numbers on a regular basis.

Hot and cold streaks do not last forever. That is why you need to strike while the iron is hot. Studying the difference between statistical averages and current form is where the value can be found.

By its nature, baseball offers the best opportunity for betting daily props. This stat-laden sport lends itself to betting the games this way. It is also a great way to add more excitement to the action on the field.

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