Oakland Athletics MLB Baseball History – American League West

The Oakland Athletic team has roots going back over a century ago in Philadelphia; they began to play baseball in Philadelphia in 1901. The Philadelphia Athletics played there until 1955 when they chose to move to Kansas City, The Kansas City Athletics played home baseball games out of Municipal Stadium.

During The Period when The Athletics played out of Municipal Stadium in Kansas City, their attendance was very high. There were a much more popular MLB team that when they played out of Philadelphia.

There are a lot of disputes about the current owner Arnold Johnson at the time that had business associates who owned Yankee Stadium. Did the Arnold Johnson trade players to the Yankees in exchange for other dealings he had with his business associates? This is a common question many of the sports betting fans asked when suddenly a plethora of stellar players were traded to the Yankees.

Arnold Johnson passed away and his business interests allegedly belonged to his family. In the year of 1960, Charles Finley bet on the Oakland Athletics meaning he purchased a controlling interest in the baseball team. After about a year it is said that Finley purchased the rest of the team from the other shareholders. Finley immediately wanted to get rid of the lease at the Municipal Stadium where the Athletics were currently playing their home baseball games.

Many of the MLB Baseball betting fans at that time were thankful for Finley for helping the team. Many people had a sour taste in their mouth when The Trades began going in the favor of the Yankees. Finley had made changes to the team’s logo and uniforms but also said that his intensions were to keep The Athletics in Kansas City.

Even though he made many promises to the Athletics fans, Finley began to shop around for a new city for the team to play out of. In the season of 1961, The Athletics moved to Louisville Kentucky, How the Kentucky Athletics were born. After he moved the team it is said that he made big bet on The Athletics, he requested to move The Team to Oakland California, which was denied.

Oakland Athletics MLB Baseball History – American League West

This denial did not last for long; his bet on moving The Athletics to Oakland finally took place in the baseball season of 1968. This is when it was official that The Athletics would play baseball out of Oakland.

During the season of 1968 The Athletics were under new management and had a winning season. This was a huge deal because The Athletics had not obtained a winning record since the 1952 season. They continued to play stellar baseball and were victorious in obtaining the division title in 1971. In the 1972 season the A’s made it to the World Series however they were victorious against The Big Red Machine, The Cincinnati Reds. The MLB community was exuberant, this was the first World Series the A’s had won since 1930.

The A’s squared off in the year of 1973 against The New York Mets, and you bettor bet that The Oakland A’s were victorious. The team had new uniforms and a strong attendance in Oakland California.

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