Atlanta Braves History – National League East

Atlanta Braves History - National League East
Do you ever remember watching baseball and routing for the Boston Red Stockings? How about The Red Caps? I would say it is a safe bet that not many people remember. In 1871 The Atlanta Braves were first established under the names Boston Red Stockings or Red Caps in the National Association.

The Boston Red Stockings became the Atlanta Braves in 1912 and there is a significant reason how Atlanta’s baseball team got their name. The Braves name was originated from a Native American term, which was a warrior. The Braves are often referred to as America’s team or The Bravos.

Starting in the 1991 season, The Atlanta Braves became one of the most successful MLB Baseball teams in all times. They won a total of fourteen consecutive division titles between the MLB Baseball betting years of 1991 -2005.

Since 1997 The Atlanta Braves have played out of Turner Field in Atlanta. A member of the eastern division of the MLB, The Braves have their spring training south of Georgia in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. When the baseball betting season of 2006 came along The Braves did not perform well at all. I would gather after fourteen years of massive success there were a plethora of people who bet on the Braves and lost out. Unfortunately The Braves continued to struggle.

In June of 2006 Atlanta only won six games, which brought them back to a low the team, had not seen since the 1930’s. You bettor bet that The Braves did not give up then. In July of the same year The Braves began to defeat the odds and play outstanding baseball. Although the Braves played outstanding baseball, The Mets eliminated them. The month of June when they only won six games hurt them badly. For the first time since 1990, The Braves had a loosing season. The Braves have not been on a sports betting run like they had before however they did pick up an ample pitching staff in 2009.

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