Tampa Bay Rays MLB Baseball History – American League East

With roots going back to the late 1800’s, The MLB has expanded their teams once again in the 1990’s. Playing out of Tampa Bay Florida, The Rays original name was the Devil Rays when they were established in 1998. The Rays are a member of the American League East Division and play their home baseball games out of St. Petersburg, Florida. Currently the Rays play home games our of the Tropicana field and are managed by Joe Maddon.

David Price 2013 Tampa Bay Rays

For decades many people involved in the MLB want to make an expansion team in Tampa Bay. Although they were not established until the late 1990’s, many business owners were ready to make a big bet on the Tampa Bay Rays. Vince Naimoli and a group of other investors bet on the Tampa Bay Rays heavily in 1995 and were approved as a new franchise. It takes time for new teams to play a solid season of MLB Baseball; this was the case for the Rays as well. The late 1990’s and the early 2000’s were not very productive MLB Betting years for the Rays.

In 2004 The Rays began to make some progress, they did not finish last place in the American League East Division. In 2007, Stuart Sternberg bet on the Tampa Bay Rays and purchased the controlling interest in the franchise. It was at that time that The Devil Rays became The Tampa Bay Rays. Once the team had a new name, sports bettors’ bettor bet that They Rays changed their uniforms and logo as well. Many sports fans were happy with the change; the new colors were two different shades of blue with gold.

During The 2008 MLB Baseball Season The Rays had their first winning season. With a record of 97-65, they were victorious in their first American League East Division championship. The Tampa Bay Rays won another Division championship in the Baseball Betting season 2010.

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