Cleveland Indians MLB Baseball History – American League Central

Since The early 1990’s The Cleveland Indians have played their baseball home games at Progressive Field. The Indians are located in Cleveland Ohio and are a member of the American League Central Division. Since their inception they have been victorious in two World Series’. The first victory was in 1920 and the second victory was in 1948.

Cleveland Indians MLB Baseball History – American League Central

The Indians roots go way back to 1869 when Cincinnati was the home of several baseball teams such as the Cincinnati Red Stockings. When the National League was born in 1874, The Indians were not members. They finally were able to join The National League in 1879 under the name The Cleveland Forest City which eventually was renamed The Cleveland Blues

When They Cleveland Team first joined The National League they did not play impeccable baseball games. However unlike many other new franchises they were not horrible in the beginning. This began to change in the 1880’s when some top baseball players joined the team such as Jim McCormick, Fred Dunlap, and Jack Glasscock. In 1885 The Cleveland Blues merged with The St. Louis Maroons.

Cleveland was also home of another professional baseball team during the 1880’s in The American Association. The Cleveland Spiders were a strong team in the 1890’s; they won The Temple Club twice. The Temple Cup was like the World Series back in the early days of MLB Betting.

During the baseball betting year of 1900 The Indians were renamed The Cleveland Lake Shores. They were a member of The American League West, when they played under the name Cleveland Lake Shores. The name did not last long, within one short year, they name was changed once again, The Cleveland Bluebirds. The Bluebirds did not last long when Charles Somers and Jack Kilfoyl purchased the team. In 1902 the team was renamed once again to The Cleveland Broncos.

The team did not start to play good baseball until around the year 1905. This is when they started to gather some momentum, which brought them one game shy of the pennant in 1908. Even though the team came close the momentum did not continue and The Indians were in desperate need of a good pitching staff.

When the season of 1912 came around the team was renamed again, they were now called the Cleveland Molly McGuires. However by the year 1914 the name was officially changed to The Cleveland Indians. During the late 1910’s they recruited a good baseball betting pitching staff and went on to win the World Series in 1920.

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