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The baseball team that we know today as the Minnesota Twins has moved around quite a bit. When the team was first established in 1894, they were based out of Kansas City and called the Kansas City Blues. In 1901 the team moved to Washington, and then in 1961 to Minneapolis-St. Paul.

The Twins spend the majority of the 1900’s as the Washington Senators or sometimes called The Washington Nationals. They were member of the American League and did not play well until 1911. Walter Johnson was one of their first successful players who played a very big role in improving the Senators. Although there was a plethora of effort made, the team still had a loosing season.

When The 1912 MLB Baseball Season came around, the team began to perform bettor. It took the team some time until they reached the MLB Baseball playoffs. In 1924 the team won their first American League Pennant. The owner put a very big bet on Muddy Ruel who was a catcher and proved to help the team rise above many other teams. They ended up making the World Series in 1925, and 1933.

The team went under new management and tried to replicate the business model the team had in the 1920’s. The Twins were not successful and only had won one pennant; this was during the 1940’s when a lot of players went off to fight for The United States of America.

When the team moved to Minnesota in 1961 there was not a problem coming up with a new name. The Minnesota area was known as the Twin Cites, at this time the Lakers (Los Angeles Lakers) played out of Minnesota. The name of the MLB betting team was clear, The Minnesota Twins were born.
The twins had a warm welcome from Minnesota natives and quickly recruited new, fresh, aggressive and talented baseball players. Some of the players included but are not limited to Harmon Killebrew, Bob Allison, and Camilo Pascual.

The 1962 MLB season the team were victorious ninety one times. This was the most impressive record the club had since they had won the pennant in 1933. When they played in the 1965 World Series, The Los Angeles Dodgers defeated them.

You bettor bet that The Minnesota Twins continued to keep their MLB Baseball betting fans happy. They placed exuberant baseball and clinched the American League Championship in the 1967 MLB Baseball season.
In the 1969 baseball season The Twins won their division and continued their success into the 1970’s. The 1980’s were not a great time for the Twins, the club changed ownership. They were not performing well and continued to play badly until the early nineties. Finishing last place in the year prior, The Twin won the World Series in 1991. This made a MLB betting record for a team to go from last place to first place in one baseball season.

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