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The Texas Rangers are a product of the expansion of the Washington Senators being awarded an expansion team in Washington D.C. When the 1971 baseball season came around the team moved back to Texas. The next spring The Texas Rangers were born.

Overall, The Texas Rangers is a successful team. They boast five division championships in the MLB seasons 1996, 1998, 1999, 2010, and 2011; it was 2010 when the Rangers first won their American League pennant by defeated the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rangers went on to square off against The San Diego Giants who won the World Series in a landslide. The Rangers made it to the World Series against in 2011, however The Cardinals defeated them, the baseball betting series went the full seven games.

As with most new baseball franchises, it took they Rangers a few years to get started played good, solid baseball. In 1974 The Rangers posted a winning record for the season. The big bet on the Texas Rangers the owners made by recruiting Mike Hargrove paid off. He was awarded the rookie of the year and made a big contribution to The Texas Rangers.

The Rangers continued to play excellent baseball in the late 1970’s and came closer and closer to getting a playoff spot. In the early 1980 The Texas Rangers put big bets on their new players and started to yield dividends. They played outstanding in the 1985 MLB Baseball Betting season. The Rangers finished in second place, and you can bet the played stellar baseball going forward.

In the late 1980’s the owners bet on the Texas Rangers by recruiting Nolan Ryan. This ended up being an excellent bet or decision. During The early 1990’s Texas State allegedly publically funded the new stadium for The Rangers to play their home baseball games out of. It was an impeccable site when it was finished. Now it is known as The Rangers ballpark in Arlington.

During The late 1990’s The Rangers were victorious in winning the Division championship. However during the beginning of the 2000’s The Rangers were in trouble. The Rangers were under new ownership and were continuously posting losing seasons. In 2004 and 2009 The Rangers made it into the playoffs.

The other years in the 2000’s The Rangers started of The MLB betting season on fire however the fire died down in the middle of the seasons. The Rangers went under new ownership in the year of 2009.

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