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Chicago Illinois is known for having two baseball teams, The White Sox and The Chicago Cubs. However otherwise known as The White Stockings, Orphans, Colts, Panamas, Rainmakers, Spuds, Trojans, Microbes, and Zephyrs The Chicago Cubs were formed in 1870.

The Chicago Base Ball Club played baseball as The Chicago White Stockings in the National Association of Base Ball Players. In the 1870’s many sports fans felt the need for a more professional league to come into play. However the Great Chicago Fire put a stop to the White Stocking as their stadium was near destroyed. The team played the remaining 1871 season in borrowed uniforms.

Chicago Cubs History - National League Central

The White Stockings dropped out of the League for a few years to rebuild themselves after the Great Chicago Fire. They returned to play baseball in 1874. In these years the league was dominated by the Boston Red Stockings, whom the owner of the White stocks was allegedly was disgusted with. There were many rumors about drinking alcohol and players taking part in throwing games. After all of this disarray, the owner of The White Stockings had secret meetings with other team owners to form what is now known as the National Baseball League.

In the year of 1876 The White Stocking played in the new league and acquired many new players. The even pulled off a trade with the Red Stockings for their pitcher Albert Spalding. Another well-known name that The White Stocking Acquired is Adrian Anson who played on the Philadelphia Athletics.

The White Stocking played solid baseball until 1884 when they began to see a downfall as their owner passed away. However they made a strong come back with Al Spalding on their side in the 1885 season. Al Spalding is the owner and founder of Spalding sporting goods.

Cap Anson played on the White Stocking during this period and you bettor bet that he had a huge influence on the White Stockings. Anson’s influence was so grandiose that in the mid-1890s the team changed their name from The White Stockings name to The Chicago Colts, others referred to the team as, Anson’s Colts.

In the 1890’s baseball in general lost popularity and Chicago’s team began to switch their schedule to gain fans attending their games. During this time the team played at both the West Side Park as well as The South Side Park. During the year of 1893 they build The West Side Park 2, which was their home for twenty-three more seasons.

Anson passed away and within the next few seasons the media called the team The Remnants and The Orphans. However in the 1902 season the team was often referred to as The Chicago Cubs. In four seasons the name Chicago Cubs really caught on and by 1906 was their official nickname.

The Chicago White Stocking name was adopted in 1900 from an American baseball league team from the Chicago’s south side. People called the team the Chicago South Siders for a while but The American League team was officially names The Chicago White Sox.

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