New York Mets History – National League East

New York Mets History – National League East
Playing baseball out of Shea Stadium in Flushing New York (Borough Of Queens In New York City) The New York Mets are one of the two current New York MLB Baseball teams. Besides The Mets, their subway series Rivals The New York Yankees play out of The Bronx New York.

Many of the MLB Baseball teams were founded way back in the 1800’s, however The New York Mets are a newer team. The Mets were founded in 1962 and The Mets were one of the first Expansion teams. Before the Mets, New York was the home of two other teams, The Brooklyn Dodgers and The New York Giants. After both teams moved to California, The National League looked for another New York baseball team.

The colors of The Mets uniforms are symbolic of the Old New York baseball teams. They are derived from the Brooklyn Dodgers Blue and the New York Giants Orange. Playing from the Polo Ground in 1962, The Mets decided they needed a bigger and bettor stadium to play their home baseball games at.

During The years of 1964 – 2009, The Mets played their home MLB Baseball games out of Shea Stadium, in Flushing New York. Flushing is in the heart of Queens Borough and is easily accessible to Manhattan via subway, highway, and bus. There are three bridges connecting Queens To Bronx where The Yankees play, The Throgs Neck Bridge, The Whitestone Bridge, and The Triborough Bridge.
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In 2009 the team moved to City Field where they are presently playing their home MLB Baseball games. When The Mets first started in 1962 they had a horrible season, which is indicative of a new franchise. They had one of the worst records in MLB Baseball Betting history until 1969.

In 1969 The Mets stepped up to the plate and made Mets fans very happy. They defeated The Baltimore Orioles in the World Series, which was considered a fluke. After this victory their nickname was “The Miracle Mets”

Since their World Series victory The New York Mets have played MLB baseball in the World series a total of three more times. The Mets played in The World Series in 1973 against The Oakland A’s, 1986 against The Boston Red Sox, and in the 2000 Subway Series against The New York Yankees. The Yankees were victorious which left a lot of Mets fans and Queens’s residents unhappy.

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