Boston Red Sox History – American League East

Boston Red Sox History - American League East

One of the first eight American League Franchises, The Boston Red Sox were founded in 1901 in Boston Massachusetts. The team first started out called The Boston Red Stockings, however in 1908 the name was changed to The Boston Red Sox.

The name was changed when John L. Taylor purchased the team and in 1911 moved to play in Fenway Park. Since the inception The Red Sox have played in eleven World Series’ and were victorious in eight of them. When a new MLB Baseball team starts, they usually takes time to build up the team until they are victorious. In two short years, The Boston Red Sox defeated The Pittsburg Pirates in the World Series.

In 1916 The Team exchanged ownership for about a half of a million dollars. Prior to the sale of The Red Sox, sports bettors and baseball fans should know that Babe Ruth was traded to the Yankees prior to exchanging ownership.

In 1919 some other important trades took place between The Red Sox and their long term Rivals The New York Yankees. Carl Mays, a pitcher for The Red Sox was traded to the Yankees in exchange for The Yankees Bob McGraw, Allan Russell and about forty thousand dollars. While Mays was a problem player for the Red Sox, he played excellent baseball for The Yanks and went on to have a successful career.

The 1920’s and the 1930’s were not victorious years for The Red Sox. The Red Sox were averaging about one hundred losses per season during the person from 1925 to 1932. In the year n 1933 things started to begin to change. Tom Yawkey bought the Red Sox and hired new management as well as a new pitcher Left Grove who was proven a success.

In 1939 began the period when The Red Sox were often referred to as the “Ted Sox”, there was a good reason for this new nickname. In the year of 1939 The Red Sox bought the contract of Ted Williams from The Padres. Williams played outfield and you bettor bet he played amazing baseball. Ted Williams in many MLB Baseball experts opinion had the best swing ever; his swing even had a nickname called “The Williamsburg”.

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During The 1940, there was a whole host of Red Sox players that were traded or either retired. When The Korean War started, Ted Williams went to fight for his country and by the 1950’s the Red Sox were not in good shape.

The 1960’s were dominant years for The Red Sox; having acquired new players they had some very victorious baseball betting seasons. In 1967 The Red Sox made it to the World Series however it did not turn out favorably for them, losing to The St. Louis Cardinals.

The Red Sox continued to play well into the 1970’s, and in 1975 The Red Sox won the American League Pennant. When the faced the Cincinnati Reds, also known as the “Red Machine” they were defeated and lost the World Series.

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