Los Angeles Dodgers History – National League West

The Los Angeles Dodgers are a professional baseball team out of the state of California. They are a member of the National League West and were first established in 1883 in Brooklyn New York. The Dodgers moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles in the MLB season of 1958.

Despite many rumors, the team did not start out with the name the Brooklyn Dodgers; the team had many nicknames. Prior to playing at Dodger Stadium where they play now, the team played a few seasons at The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Founded in the year of 1883, The Dodgers first name was the Brooklyn Atlantics. During 1884 The Atlantics joined The American Association and within five year won the Championship. For many reasons, the Atlantics decided to move to the National League in 1890. They were a victorious team, winning the championship the first year.

The first Stadium the team played in New York was in South Brooklyn, Washington Park, and Eastern Park. The team moved to Ebbets Field during the season of 1913. Just like with many other baseball clubs, Brooklyn had a fierce rivalry. Their rivalry was with the Manhattan Giants. The rivalry did not diminish after both team relocated. The irony is that both teams both to California. The Dodgers moved in the City of Los Angeles and The Giants in the city of San Francisco.

Wilbert Robinson was the manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers for many years, and had a very big role in the team’s success. Robinson’s nickname was Uncle Robbie and the team took on a nickname while Robinson was manager, they were called the Daffiness Boys. In the 1920’s Robinson took on the role of President.

Max Carey was Robinson’s successor as president and in 1938 Leland “Larry” MacPhail was named the general manager. Inherently, MacPhail was the first person to introduce Brooklyn to night baseball. He also was responsible for the refurbishing of Ebbets Field. MacPhail had many accomplishments when he worked with Brooklyn, He recruited Cincinnati Reds announcer Red Barber to Brooklyn who had an incredible voice.

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MacPhail ended up going to fight in World War two like many other of the best MLB  betting teams. After he returned he became the co-owner of The New York Yankees and Red Barber soon became an announcer to the New York Yankees as well.

The Brooklyn dodgers were the first baseball team to be televised, and they were victorious. They played the Reds at Ebbets Field during this historic date in late August 1939. Not long after that, the Dodgers recruited new players who would go on to be one of the most famous baseball players of all time, Jackie Robinson. Walter O’Malley and a few co-owners took ownership in the 1950’s and began to look for a better Stadium that Ebbets Field. Walter O’Malley was heavily involved in real estate and was determined to buy land and build a bettor stadium. Air travel became more popular and Walter O’Malley began to think bigger and further. He dreamed of The Dodgers playing baseball in Los Angeles. You bettor bet, The Dodgers baseball betting team became The Los Angeles Dodgers.

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