Arizona Diamondbacks History – National League West

Also known as The D-Backs, The Arizona Diamondbacks are the fastest growing expansion team in the MLB. They are a relatively new team, which were formed in 1998; this expansion team won its first World Series on 2001.
Arizona Diamondbacks History - National League West
The Diamondbacks are based of out Phoenix Arizona and have been playing out of Chase field since their inception. The State of Arizona is not a stranger to the MLB, many teams train in Arizona in the spring. It was no surprise that Arizona formed The Diamondbacks.

The start of the franchise took place in 1995; this is when the owners were granted the rights to start the team. Within three short years, they put together a dynamic team who went on to win a World Series within four seasons of their inception. Are you impressed yet? If that doesn’t impress you, perhaps you shall press upon the fact that they won five National League West titles since The Arizona Diamondbacks debut in the late 1990’s. The team started off with a different logo, which was quickly changed, in their second season.

Many people who bet on Baseball think that the first logo looked too much like the Oakland A’s. That is just speculation, MLB Betting does not know the reason behind the change of the logo. So far the Diamondbacks have only retired one Betting jersey, which was to honor Luis Gonzalez. An outstanding player and a Diamondback loyalist, Luis Gonzalez played for the Diamondback since 1999.

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