New York Yankees History – American League East

Playing out of the Bronx New York, originally from Baltimore Maryland as the Baltimore Orioles The New York Yankees were established in 1901. The Yankees are currently a member of The American League East; The Yankees were one of the first eight franchises.

In 1903 the team was moved to New York and was called “The New York Highlanders” prior to moving on to the name The New York Yankees in 1913. Currently The Family of George Steinbrenner, who purchased the team in 1973, owns The Yankees. Joe Girardi is the current manager of The Yankees and his roots stem back long ago when he played catcher for The Yankees. Brian Cashman is the current general manager of The Yankees. The Yankees moved their Ballpark in 2008 which however the stadium took on the same name, Yankee Stadium.

The Yankees have a very long time rivalry with The Boston Red Sox and have been a very successful MLB Baseball betting team. They Yankees have won eighteen division titles, forty American League pennants, and twenty-seven World Series Championships.
The Yankees have inducted several off their players into the MLB Baseball hall of fame as well as eleven NY Yankee managers. Some of the MLB Baseball stars include Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig. Joe DiMaggio. Mickey Mantle. And Yogi Berra.

There is no doubt that The Steinbrenner family has used their wealth to acquire the best talent. When The 1911 The Polo Grounds burned down however in 1913 The Polo Grounds were rebuilt in 1913. In 1915 the NY Yankees exchanged ownership to Jacob Ruppert for one million two hundred fifty thousand dollars. This was the beginning of The Yankees acquiring players with deep pockets. Ruppert came from a family who owned a brewery and used his money to get the best Baseball teams.

New York Yankees History - American League East

When the 1920’s came around The Yankees made trades with The Boston Red Sox and The Chicago White Sox. This is when they gathered some of the best MLB Baseball talent ever. The players that brought the most success to the Yankees were originally from The Red Sox, hence the strong rivalry. Former Pitcher, Babe Ruth who turned into an outfielder was a part of the trade and came from The Red Sox The Red Sox did not win a World Series Championship in eighty-six years after the trade.

Babe Ruth could not play forever, when the mid 1930’s came around he retired. This brought upon a new superstar baseball player, Joe DiMaggio. With The help of Joe DiMaggio The Yankees won four World Series’ in a row. In 1941 The Yankees defeated The Brooklyn Dodgers in the World Series. During this time the attack of Pearl Harbor took place, many of the best MLB Baseball players went to serve in the military.

During The 1950’s Hall of Famer Mickey Mantle came into the mix and The Yankees had some new blood. Other players that helped The Yankees succeed were Whitey Ford and catcher Yogi Berra.

The Yankees won over one hundred games in the 1954 season however the Indians won the pennant that year with 111 years. The next year The Brooklyn Dodgers defeated the Yankees in the World Series. The 1950’s were a great decade for the Yankees. In the 1960’s The M & M boys were born, this included Mickey Mantle and Maris. Both players played victorious baseball and hit homeruns quickly and easily. This was a historic time.

During The 1980’s The Yankees struggled, even though they had a great roster. Don Mattingly played for The Yanks as well as Dave Winfield, Rickey Henderson. Mike Pagliarulo, Steve Sax and Jesse Barfield. The Yankees only made one playoff appearance during this period.

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