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Currently playing out of Comerica Park in Downtown Detroit, The Detroit Tigers is one of the eight charter franchises of The American League. The Tigers were founded over a century ago in 1894, as a part of the Western League.

Prior to playing in Navin Field in 1912, The Tigers played in Bennett Park in 1896, which was between Michigan Ave and Trumbull Ave. The Tigers have played at the same location prior to Comerica Park where they moved in the year 2000.The names of the stadiums were changed a few times. The stadium was expanded in 1938 and named Briggs Stadium. In 1961 the name was changed to Tigers Stadium.

The years of 1905 to 1921 was referred to as the Cobb era. Named after Ty Cobb, a MLB Baseball legend who was known for playing a fearless game of baseball.

After acquiring Ty Cobb in 1905, it did not take the Tigers long to win their first American League pennant, two years later, in 1907 The Detroit Tigers were victorious in winning The American League pennant. Besides MLB Baseball legend Ty Cobb, the other players that contributed were Bill Donovan, George Mullin, Sam Crawford, and Hughie Jennings.

In 1907 The Tigers had a shot at the World Series and were defeated by The Chicago Cubs, The Tigers lost four games in a row. In 1915 The Tigers won the “then club record” of one hundred games in a row however The Boston Red Sox had been victorious in one hundred and one games.

The Tigers had a good run and in 1921 hit a stone, which they seemed to be unable to turn because of good pitching. The Tigers had some good years and had solid Baseball Hall of Fame players such as Mickey Cochrane, Hank Greenberg, and Charlie Gehringer. In 1935 The Tigers won the World Series for the first time. Besides 1935 The Tigers were victorious in winning The World Series three more times in 1945, 1968, and 1984.

During The 1950’s The Detroit Tigers hit a slump and played mediocre baseball. In 1961 The American League expanded with two additional teams. This made a total of ten teams in The American League in 1961.

The 1960’s had proven to be a new Era for The Tigers as they went on a winning streak until winning The World Series in 1968 which was a victorious moment to all sports bettors as well as Detroit residents.

The 1970’s was a tough decade for The Tigers and I would gather not very profitable for many people who bet on The Tigers that decade. The Tigers did turn things around with a nice run in the 1980’s, which lead to a MLB betting World Series Championship.

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