2014 MLB Betting Washington Nationals Off Season Moves

Now that the 2013 World Series is over, it is time for those baseball teams that did not perform as expected to go back and look into what went wrong, what could be done different, and what moves they need to make now that it is the off season. One team that needs to do some major overhauling is the Washington Nationals. The 2013 MLB season is over, and now it is time for the planning of the upcoming 2014-baseball season, and here some Washington Nationals off-season moves that they can do to improve their performance when the new season begins in April of 2014.

The Free Agent Market

The end of the 2013 MLB season saw a lot of great players ending up on the free agent market. The free agent market has really helped teams turn their win record around, and there is a lot of talent available through it. The baseball Mobile Phone Betting Customers at BetOnline USA Internet/Tablet/Mobile Sportsbook feel that one of the best Washington Nationals off- season moves would be to check out that free agent market to get some players that can improve the team.

Jason Marquis and Ubaldo Jimenez

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There are many pitchers, both relief and starting, that are now on the market as free agents, and the Nationals should be able to afford two of them such as Ubaldo Jimenez and Jason Marquis. The Nationals do not have as big a payroll as other teams, but those two players can really improve things for them in 2014. The bullpen is a problem area for the Nationals, and getting some talent in the bullpen can really help the team win games.

Trade Some Players

A winning team means that sometimes sacrifices have to be made. There are rumors circulation everywhere that the Nationals are going to try and acquire Max Scherzer, who is currently playing for the Detroit Tigers. Another great Washington Nationals off-season moves would be to trade whomever they have to in order to get Scherzer because he is a seasoned veteran pitcher that can really help the Nationals bullpen. Another rumor that is floating around is that the Nationals are also in negotiations with the Tampa Bay Days to acquire David Price. Baseball is all about finding the right players, and the Nationals need to do what they can to get both Scherzer and Price.

During the off season, baseball teams usually stir things up a bit by making trades, deals, and other off season moves. Read more about the off-season news as well as the best MLB Betting Sites For US Players.

For the Washington Nationals, their off season moves should involve improving their bullpen. The best Washington Nationals off-season moves is to acquire Jason Marquis, Ubaldo Jimenez, David Price, and Max Scherzer. Most MLB Mobile Phone wagering Customers at BetAnySports American Friendly Sportsbook feel The Washington Nationals want to win the 2014 season, they need to get the right men playing for them or they will be in for another disappointing season.

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