Colorado Rockies MLB Baseball History – National League West

Established 1993, The Colorado Rockies are member of the MLB and play out of the National League West Division. Playing their home games out of Coors Fiend in Denver, The Rockies are currently lead by manager Walt Weiss.

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In 1991 Denver was granted the right to have a Major League baseball team. John Antonucci was the head of the group who originally bet on The Colorado Rockies and purchased the franchise. It took until 1993 for the Rockies to play their first MLB Baseball season. 1995, 2007, and 2009, were the best years for The Rockies. These years are when the team made it to post season.

Prior to 1991, many people who were involved in the MLB had tried to make an expansion team in Denver. This goes back to 1958 when the famous New York attorney, William Shea put a big bet on the MLB Baseball and proposed a Continental League. The league only lasted a few years before it fell apart. After this bet, William Shea bet on The Mets by purchasing them and played their games out of Shea Stadium In Queens New York.

1990 was the year when many people got together in Denver and established an advisory committee. The purpose of this committee was to put an expansion team in Denver. When the Rockies were played their first game, it was against The New York Mets. The Rockies were playing MLB Baseball in full force, however like many expansion teams did not do well in the first few years.

In 1995 The Rockies moved to play their home games out of Coors Field. When they played out of Coors Field in 1995, they achieved their first winning season, which included a victory against Their Rivals The New York Mets. This proved to be a victorious MLB Baseball betting year, as this was the first time they played it the World Series. The Rockies were eventually defeated and did not make it back until twelve years later.

In 1997 there were several trades made any many of the owners put a big bet on some players. This ended up in breaking much of the team, which, The Rockies lost their sports betting momentum. The owner put a big bet on The Colorado Rockies and hired the old manager of the Florida Marlins in 1999. This did not prove to be worthwhile; as he did not help the team get to the World Series.

The Rockies began to play bettor baseball in the early 2000’s and made it to the World Series in 2007, and 2009. Since then The Rockies have not made it to the World Series.

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