Toronto Blue Jays MLB Baseball History – American League East

Toronto Blue Jays MLB Baseball History – American League East

The Toronto Maple Leaf’s began to play baseball out of the International league in 1896. The Canadian City had been talking about moving to the major leagues when The Maple Leafs began to play baseball. Having played in the international League unit 1967, there was not much action with all of the talking.

In 1976, The Toronto Blue Jays were born as members of the American League East Division. In the year of 1976 there was a two-team expansion to the MLB, The Seattle Mariners were the other team added.

Originally the owner of the San Francisco Giants, Horace Stoneham was going to sell his team to Toronto for the expansion. The team was originally going to be called The Toronto Giants. However that deal did not work out for legal reasons have to do with the American courts. Bob Lurie ended up putting a big bet of the San Francisco Giants by purchasing the team, which kept them in San Francisco.

Having already been under renovation under anticipation of the Giants moving to Toronto, The Exhibition Stadium wide open for a new MLB Baseball betting team, When The Toronto Blue Jays were born, they had a warm welcome from a fresh, new stadium. Before The Toronto Blue Jays existed, there was a lot of talk about the name of the MLB Baseball betting team. There were thousand of suggestions to the point that the Labatt Breweries put a big bet on The Toronto Blue Jays as the name that was chosen.

The late 1970’s to the 1990’s were known as the Pat Gillick Era. Pat Gillick was the General manager of The Toronto Blue Jays and kept his spot until the mid 1990’s.

The first game The Blue Jays played was against The Chicago White Sox; it was a home game and drew an audience of almost fifty thousand people. Many MLB Baseball betting experts remember this game by the big snowstorm that took place.

They Blue Jays finished the snowy game with a victory however they only won a little over fifty games in the 1977 MLB Baseball betting year. Most sports betting buffs remember the mascot that came on board in the late 1970’s. BJ Birdy first arrived in the 1979 MLB Baseball season and was loved by many

When the early 1980’s hit, The Toronto Blue Jays had a tough time gathering momentum. In the 1982 MLB Baseball betting season the team bet on a new MLB Baseball manager. Bobby Cox was hired and helped The Blue Jays play their first victorious season. When 1983 came around, The Blue Jays had a record of 89-73, which was a very big accomplishment for this expansion team.

During the late 1980’s The Blue Jays obtained their first division titles and in 1992 The Toronto Blue Jays were the first MLB Baseball Betting team to win The World Series outside of The United States of America.

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