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Currently playing out of U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago Illinois, The Chicago White Sox a member of the American League Central division. The White Sox are one of two teams based out of the City of Chicago; the other team is the Chicago Cubs who are members of The National League.

The Chicago White Sox have been playing baseball out of U.S Cellular Field or The Cell for over twenty years. The Field was originally named New Comiskey Park and had the nickname of The Cell, hence U.S. Cellular Field.

The Chicago Cubs were originally called The Chicago White Stockings. The Cubs were established in the 1800’s and in 1900 The White Sox were founded. The Cubs had gotten rid of the nickname The White Stockings and it was ready and available for use.

When The White Sox began to play baseball they played out of South Side Park in downtown Chicago. The team moved stadiums in 1910 to Comiskey Park. The White Sox played at Comiskey Park for over eighty years.

During The 1900’s and the 1910’s The White Sox were a stellar team giving excellent performances. They had a winning record and it was not a coincidence that all of the seats were full at Comiskey Park. They were victorious in winning The World Series in the years of 1906 and 1917. The team had a better defense than its offense, this is not to say they White Sox couldn’t hit homeruns. They were given a nickname “The Hitless Wonders” because of their strong defense. In The baseball season of 1917 when The White Sox won the World Series they major players were Joe Jackson, Eddie Cicotte, and Eddie Collins.
Americans USA Betting On MLB Baseball Online
The season of 1919 was not a good season for The White Sox; this may have been on purpose. The popularity of betting on MLB Baseball was growing and sports bettors were ruthless. There was an alleged scandal called “The Black Sox Scandal” where many of the team’s players were supposedly paid to loose the game.

The famous New York Gambler Arnold Rothstein allegedly masterminded this. Arnold Rothstein was one of the biggest gangsters they County had ever seen and was known for fixing games. It was said that Mr. Rothstein was responsible for putting together the five organized crime families in New York City. He was eventually indicted however all of the charges were dropped.

After this scandal The MLB commissioner black listed many players from playing baseball in the MLB for life. Needless to say The White Sox had a few tough decades. It took The White Sox a while to get back to where they were when they were in 1917. In The 1950’s The White Sox began to make the playoffs again and won the pennant in 1959. Although they stepped up their game they did not win another World Series until the season of 2005.

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