Seattle Mariners MLB Baseball History – American League West

Playing home games out of Safeco Field in Washington, The Seattle Mariners were first established in 1977. When The Mariners were first established they played home games from Kingdome, The Mariners moved to Safeco Field in the 1999 MLB Baseball Betting season.

The first MLB Baseball team that played in Seattle was the Seattle Pilots. The Pilots were established in the late 1960’s and only lasted a few years. The pilots relocated and became the Milwaukee Brewers.

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Having been established because of a lawsuit, The Seattle Mariners played their first home MLB baseball game in the 1777 MLB Baseball season. The Commissioner of the MLB at the time Bud Selig, decision to move the Pilots, which caused a lawsuit. Many prudent sports betting fans were unhappy without having a professional Major League Baseball team.

After the American League was sued, The City of Seattle made a big bet by building the Kingdome, which was build for many purposes. One was for the new NFL Football Betting team, The Seattle Seahawks to play home games at. The other was for a new Seattle MLB Baseball team to play home games at.

The Mariners did not have a victorious season in their first year, like many other expansion teams. The owner put a huge bet on the Seattle Mariners by recruiting players such as Juan Bernhardt, and Diego Seguí. They were stellar players however did not help the Mariners have a winning season.

In 1981 The Seattle Mariners hosted the MLB Baseball All Star game, this was a grandiose honor for the expansion team. In 2001, a businessperson from California put a larger bet on the Seattle Mariners, George Argyros purchased the franchise. Unlike with most changes in ownership, the team did not change their uniforms, logo, and colors.

George Argyros, put another large bet on the Seattle Mariners, he brought in a new manager. Lou Piniella was hired, he was an experienced manager who managed the Cincinnati Reds and led the Red to a Victory in the World Series in the 1990 MLB Baseball Betting season. He managed the team until the early 2000’s. Lou Piniella won two manager of the year awards.

In the early 2000’s The Mariners played some very nice baseball. In the 2001 MLB Betting season the Mariners were 116-46 and were victorious in winning the division title. In the year 2008, another big bet on the Seattle Mariner was made. Jack Zdurienci was brought in to manage the team. Jack Zdurienci had managed the Milwaukee Brewers and had ample managing experience.

When the late 2000’s came around the Mariners went on a huge loosing streak. During the Baseball betting season the Mariners hit a low. The team is working hard currently to improve themselves.

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