Cincinnati Reds MLB Baseball History – National League Central

Born in 1881, The Cincinnati Reds also referred to as “Big Red Machine” starting off as an individual baseball club and how are members of the National League Central. It only took one year for The Reds to become a member of the American Association. Playing in the American Association for only eights years, in 1890 The Reds decided to make a move to the National League.

Reds move to The National League

Up until The Reds were playing in the National League in 1890’s they were known as the Cincinnati Red Stockings. However with the change of Leagues it was not long until their name was changed to The Cincinnati Reds.

The 1890’s were great years for The Reds, as they embarked on their new league. They began to recruit new baseball players as well as seasoned players. Some of the big names back in the 1890’s and the 1900’s were, Cy Seymour, Sam Crawford, and Bob Bescher.

In 1912 Redland Field was born, this was a dynamic ballpark which was eventually renamed Crosley Field. After almost thirty years, The Big Red Machine finally had a well-deserved steel stadium to play home baseball games at. Prior to the building of The Red’s new steel stadium, they played out of an old wooden stadium, which was a big of an eye sore.

During the years from 1910-1920, The Reds played some exuberant baseball. They were lead by extraordinary baseball betting players such as Edd Roush, and Heinie Groh. The Reds won their first championship during these years; in eight games they defeated the Chicago White Sox.

The Reds winning streak did not continue very long, they struggled in the 1920’s. After the beginning of the Great Depression The Reds were bankrupt. However in 1933 The Crosley brothers purchased The Reds and began to make a comeback. This is when radio’s first became popular and The Crosleys had great marketing strategies such as holding a fireworks night which proved to increase The Reds fan base.

Betting On MLB Baseball Cincinnati Reds

Finally, All of the hard work paid off; in 1938 The team finally got their way into the World Series but were not victorious. When World War 2 came around, a lot of MLB Baseballs talent went to fight for their country. This was the case of the Reds as well. The 1940’s were not good MLB betting years for The Reds. Finally in 1961 The Red won the pennant and were back on track to playing excellent baseball.

Up to date, The Reds were victorious in The World Series a total of five times, they obtained one American Association pennant, and nine National League Pennant. The Reds were also victorious in winning ten division titles. The Reds returned to The National League Central in 1994, they were members of the National league west for the years of 1969-1993.

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