Kansas City Royals MLB Baseball History – American League Central

Before the Kansas City Royals, The Kansas City Athletics were the sole team for Kansas City. The Athletics moved on to California in 1967 and Kansas City was left without a MLB Baseball team.

Kansas City Royals MLB Baseball History – American League Central

Luckily during an MLB Baseball expansion, Kansas City was granted to right to bet on their city by bringing a new baseball team home. In two short years, The Kansas City Royals were established. The team has won six American League Central Division titles in their career. The Royals have also accomplished two league championships as well as a victory in the World Series once.

Ewing Kauffman was a businessman who was the victor in a huge bidding war to bet on The Kansas City Royals. Ewing Kauffman won the big bet, meaning the bidding war and purchased the franchise. He named the after a live stock show called the American Royal, hence the name Kansas City Royals

The first game that the Royals played was against The Minnesota Twins in which they were victorious. The Royals put a big bet on Cedric Tallis as manager to lead them to the championship. Their first season the people who bet on the Royals had a victorious year; The Royals ended the season in fifth place.

During the 1970’s the Royals played decent, due to the owner betting on the Royals big time by making trades and recruiting new baseball players such as Paul Splittorff, Steve Busby, George Brett, and Frank White. The team had some winning seasons in the 1970’s and in 1973 they began to play their home MLB baseball games out of the Royals Stadium. Previously The Royals played home baseball games out of the Municipal Stadium.

The Royals began the 1980’s with a bang; they had won the pennant in the late 1970’s. Now the owner bet on new management and The Royals made it post season once again in the 1981 MLB Baseball Betting season. The Kansas City Royals continued to play good MLB baseball and kept the sports bettors happy. They made it to the World Series once again in 1985. The people who bet on the Kansas City Royals must have been ecstatic because this was the first year that The Royals won The World Series.

Without a doubt, The Royals were expected to come out strong in the season of 1986, however they did not live up to how they played baseball the year prior. In the late 1980’s The Royals began to fall off, they had loosing seasons and made many MLB Baseball betting fans unhappy.

When the 1989 MLB Baseball season came around the owner of The Royal made a big bet on the Kansas City Royals by recruiting new, young, fresh baseball players. This helped the team and they began to have winning seasons again. In the early nineties The Royals played hard baseball put struggled. Once the 1995 MLB Baseball Betting season came around many sports betting fans saw a big decline.

In the years of 1995 to early 2000’s The Kansas City Royals were in deep trouble. It seemed as if they could not pull it together. In the late 1990’s the Royals passed up moving to the National League, which may have been a smart bet for the team. To this day, throughout the rest of the 2000’s The Royals let the fans down by constantly loosing. It seemed as if the more MLB Baseball betting games the Royals played the more they lost. The Royals have one of the worst records to date.

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