Will Kyle Kendrick Lead The Phillies To A Victory Against The Braves?

The Atlanta Braves (49-37) square off against The Philadelphia Phillies (42-45) in game two out of their three baseball betting game series. The Braves were defeated yesterday by The Phillies (5-4) and will be looking to ensure The Phillies continue their loosing record tonight.

Atlanta Braves (-121) Philadelphia Phillies (111) Total = 8.5

Atlanta Braves Philladelphia Phillies
Manager Fredi González is sending the starting pitcher Tim Hudson to battle the Braves. Tim Hudson has a loosing record (4-7) so far this season. The Philadelphia Phillies will be looking to come out strong and try to begin a run to crush their 42-25 record. Pitcher Kyle Kendrick is set to start for the Phillies. Kyle Kendrick has a winning record (7-5) so far this season and a 3.59 ERA. The team will continue their series tomorrow in Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia.

Why The Atlanta Braves Will Win

The Braves are the -121 favorites and are on a nice run with a winning season so far. Instead of Craig Kimbrel or Julio Teherán they are sending out Tim Hudson who does not have the home field advantage and a chance to redeem his 2013 loosing pitching record. When MLB Baseball bettors look at the statistics when the Braves have played on Saturdays their record is 7-3. Since The Braves are coming off a loss, they are 4-6 after they have been defeated.

Why The Philadelphia Phillies Will Win

The Phillies have the home field advantage and are coming out with a strong pitcher. They have a nice record when playing on Saturdays (6-4). The Phillies were on a nice run before they faced The Braves (7-3). However with a 4 -6 record after they have been defeated they are deemed the underdogs by most Sportsbooks.

Baseball Betting Pick – Atlanta Braves

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