Which Coaches Will Be Fired First in 2021? NFL Props Betting Odds

It’s NFL season, and you know what that means—it’s time to talk NFL Props Betting Odds. Do you think it is to early to predict which coach will be fired first? Well, online Sportsbooks have their betting odds listed already. Let’s dig in.

VIC FANGIO From The Denver Broncos +500

Is he a good candidate? I say so. We saw him being urgent to win in the preseason. He has chosen to have Teddy Bridgewater, not Drew Lock, as a quarterback. The Broncos are not sure if they were wrong to keep John Elway as the coach. They think he might get in trouble.

Fangio came to Denver as a defensive person. The side of the ball needs to be better so they don’t have mistakes. If there are too many mistakes, he might “pull the plug”.

MIKE McCARTHY From The Dallas Cowboys +700

My opinion is that this won’t happen during the season. Unless something bad happens with Dallas’ roster, or if Dak Prescott turns on McCarthy.

MATT NAGY From The Chicago Bears +750

The Bears did not do well last year, but they made the playoffs. They did this in spite of themselves. The coaches and management may have patience with him if he handles the quarterback situation well. Right now, Andy Dalton is going to be a bridge to rookie Justin Fields.

The problem is that Dalton can’t move around. Fields has not played football before this season, so he doesn’t have much experience. Last year on television, Nick Foles talked about how he did not have enough time to execute the plays that were being called for him.

Things have been re-established. Nagy is going to be calling the plays this year. So, maybe Lazor is not a convenient scapegoat. On the other hand, there is a rookie QB who was drafted in the first round of this year’s draft that may buy Nagy some time. Does he deserve it?

DAVID CULLEY From The Houston Texans +1800

Among the first-year head coaches, he is at the bottom. He has been an assistant coach for a long time and is 66 years old. I don’t think it will work out. Houston has a bad team with DeShaun Watson on it. Yes, they will lose. Management has been dumping players and trying to build some room under the cap. This means they are not planning to play again for a while unless Watson is able to come back. Do not blame Culley for this problem.

JON GRUDEN From The Las Vegas Raiders +1200

This is a small number. Given the size of his contract and Mark Davis’ enthusiasm in pursuing him, I don’t see Gruden being let go. And if he is dismissed, it will not happen to him first.


NFL Props Betting Odds – Which Coaches Will Be Fired First in 2021

ZAC TAYLOR From The Cincinnati Bengals +850

This might be my guy. Yes, I know the Bengals don’t really fit the profile for this because they have been patient with Marvin Lewis. But they have a lot of money invested in Joe Burrow, and he hasn’t gotten through a full NFL season.

If Taylor does not help Andy develop his skills, then it will be very bad. Some of the Cincinnati players were unhappy with Taylor last season. People didn’t like him, they didn’t respect him, and some of the things he said to them made them uncomfortable. They were not happy. We live in a time when what you do can have more consequences than it used to.

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