NHL Playoffs Betting: Boston Bruins vs Washington Capitals Pick, Odds, Prediction & Lines

The Washington Capitals will try to beat the Boston Bruins Sunday. The Bruins can move on to the second round if they win. But the Capitals are small favorites, so it could be close.The Bruins won three straight games over the Capitals after they lost the first NHL playoff betting game.

Boston Bruins vs Washington Capitals NHL Playoff Betting Odds & Line Movement

The Bruins were favored to win this series going into it and they have taken control following the most dominant win so far with a 5-1 win on Friday. The Bruins were the -126 favorites at home.The total is listed at 5.5. They won with a score of 4-1 and scored two goals 34 seconds apart. This made it so that the game was over fast.

Boston won two of the first three games and they were all decided in overtime. Washington isn’t doing so well, but will they win the next one? The Capitals won the Stanley Cup three years ago, but this time they are playing on the road. That is why the line has moved up again in favor of the Bruins.

Notes On The Boston Bruins

Boston must feel good about the game on Friday. If Washington beats Boston, then they will win the series. But if Boston wins, it will be a tie and then they will have to play another game. On the other hand, Boston would be best served to eliminate Washington rather than playing too loose with a couple more chances left in Games 6 and 7.

The Bruins did that at the start of the third in Game 4. They jumped on the Capitals and then tried to get more points. They need to keep playing more disciplined and let their talent rise to the top.Washington has a tendency to become very frustrated when they are not doing well. Boston must stay focused and let their goaltender set the tone for how things go in the game. If Tuukka Rask can stay calm and not get frustrated, then Boston will be able to win.

Notes On The Washington Capitals

The Capitals need to score goals quickly. If they wait too long, the Bruins will have a good chance of winning.The Capitals had two one-goal leads. They were also lead by a different goalie.

Ilya Samsonov has been the goalie for two road games. He has stopped 73 out of 80 shots. He should have a home game, unless head coach changes his mind. That would give him more power from the fans and make him play better than before.

NHL Playoffs Betting Boston Bruins vs Washington Capitals Pick, Odds, Prediction & Lines

Boston Bruins vs Washington Capitals NHL Playoff Betting Pick & Prediction:Capitals +117

The Capitals are a better team than they have shown in losing three games. Two of those losses were decided in overtime. Washington has only played poorly for one third period and it could be 3-1. There are veterans on the Capitals who won a cup before and they will help to win again.

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