MLB Baseball Betting Odds Predictions & News – Tampa Bay Rays vs. Boston Red Sox

The Tampa Bay Rays (59-41) will square off against The Boston Red Sox (60-41) tonight in game two of their four game baseball betting series. The Rays defeated the Red Sox yesterday. The Rays got a head start scoring a run I the first inning.

The Rays had impeccable defense and did not allow The Red Sox to score any runs. They followed up with two, more runs in the fifth and the ninth inning.

MLB Betting Line: Tampa Bay Rays (128) Boston Red Sox (-136) Total = 9.5

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The Rays and The Red Sox are both fighting for the number one spot in the American League East Division. Currently The Red Sox are number one, however the Rays are only behind by one win. When we took a look at some of the best MLB betting sites for USA Players we saw that Lefthander Jon Lester is set to start for The Red Sox. Lester is 8-6 with a 4.58 ERA. The Rays are going to be sending out Fausto Carmona as their starting pitcher; Fausto Carmona is 5-10 for the 2013 season.

Tampa Bay Rays Trends

The Rays played excellent baseball in their series prior against The Blue Jays. The Rays defeated The Blue Jays in all three of their MLB games. In their series against The Astros they were victorious in two out of the three baseball games. When looking into the Rays statistics, we saw that when The Rays played baseball on Tuesdays they are 4-6. Prior to playing The Red Sox they are 4-6, and after they played the Red Sox they are 4-6 as well. The good news for the Tampa Bay Rays is after they are victorious they are 9-1.

Boston Red Sox Trends

The Red Sox faced off against The Yankees in their series prior to the Rays. The Red Sox defeated their rivals in two our of the three baseball games in their series. Prior to playing the Yankees they square off against The Oakland A’s and were victorious in game one however lost games two and three. Getting into the statistics for The Red Sox, When they have played baseball games on Tuesdays they are 5-5 however prior to playing The Rays they are 6-4. After they played the Rays and after being defeated they are 6-4 as well.’s Pick For Tonight’s Game– Boston Red Sox

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