MLB All-Star Break Betting Roundup – July 16

The second half of the 2014 MLB regular season gets underway on Friday following this week’s All-Star break and things should get pretty interesting from here on in with the majority of the division races remaining extremely tight.

MLB All-Star Break Betting Roundup - July 16

To get you ready for all the action, VietBet has released an updated set of futures odds for both the AL and NL Pennant as well as potential matchups in this season’s World Series as part of being the best MLB betting site for US Players.

The team at the top of the list to win the American League is the Oakland Athletics, who just so happen to own the best record in the Majors through the first half of the season at 59-36. Their betting odds to win the AL Pennant have been set at +265, but the A’s will have a battle on their hands just trying to win the AL West with the Los Angeles Angels (57-37) sitting a game and half back. The Angels’ futures odds to win the AL are set at +475, which are fourth-best on the list.

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Detroit (53-38) is the second-favorite to win the AL this season at +290 and it will start the second half with a 6.5-game lead over Kansas City (48-46) in the AL Central. This is the largest lead in any of the division title races. Baltimore (52-42) has a four-game edge over Toronto (49-47) in the AL East and VietBet has listed the Orioles as +900 fourth-favorites to win the AL.

The top favorite to win the National League Pennant is the Los Angeles Dodgers at +270. They are 54-43 on the year and leading San Francisco (52-43) by a game in the NL West race. The Giants are fourth on the futures list to win the NL Pennant at +600.

Washington is the second favorite to win the NL at +415, but heading into this Friday’s weekend series against Milwaukee, the Nationals (51-42) are tied with Atlanta (52-43) for the lead in the NL East.

The Brewers (53-43) have been the top team in the NL Central throughout the entire first half, but their lead over St. Louis is down to just one game. The Cardinals (52-44) have been listed as +465 third-favorites to win the NL Pennant this year. Cincinnati (51-44) is sitting just a game and a half off the division lead and Pittsburgh (49-46) is 3.5 games back in what is easily the tightest division race in the Majors.


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