Find The Best Value Bets For Updated MLB Futures

The abbreviated MLB regular season ends this weekend. This makes way for the expanded MLB playoffs. Given the shortened 60-game season, eight teams from each league will qualify for postseason play. This should add some betting excitement at

In the past, two wildcard teams in each league would face each other for a spot in the division series. This season, the top three division winners plus the next best record are the top four seeds in each league. They will face the next four teams in the standings in a best-of-three series.

Find The Best Value Bets For Updated MLB Futures

The four winners will advance to the best-of-five league division series. There will be a best-of-seven matchup in the league championship series leading to the best-of-seven World Series. With the exception of the opening round, all the other postseason games will be played at MLB bubble sites. This year’s World Series will take place at Globe Field in Arlington, Texas.

MLB Division Futures

The Oakland Athletics have won the AL West. Tampa Bay is one win away from winning the AL East.

The betting odds favor the Chicago White Sox in the AL Central at -270. They have a 1 ½-game lead over the Minnesota Twins (+210) with six games left to play.

All three races in the NL are off the board. The Atlanta Braves (East), Chicago Cubs (Central) and Los Angeles Dodgers (West) are on the verge of clinching titles.

MLB Pennant Futures

It is a toss up between Tampa Bay and New York in the AL Pennant Race. The odds have been set at +325 for each team. They way things stand right now, they would face one another in the ALDS with opening round wins.

This opens the door for Chicago and/or Oakland as a value play for this bet. The White Sox are +450 second-favorites. The A’s are sixth at +650 behind Minnesota (+600). This makes Oakland the top-valued contender on the board.

It is the Dodgers vs. The Field in the NL Pennant race. LA is the clear favorite to win at +140. The San Diego Padres are next on the list at +450. If everything stays the same in the current seeding, these two NL West foes would meet in the NLDS.

Both Atlanta and Chicago have +750 odds to win the NL Pennant. They will most likely face one another in the other NLDS matchup. The value pick could be a coin toss given the identical odds. However, going against the Dodgers at plus money (+140) does not make much sense.

Value Bets for Updated MLB Futures

MLB World Series Futures

Tampa Bay in the AL and Los Angeles in the NL have been the two most consistent teams all season long. Anything can happen in a short series but each team should advance with league titles.

The Dodgers are the clear favorites to win the World Series at +325. With that much plus money on the board, going chalk is the top betting option.

Tampa Bay is actually a +700 third-favorite as a value play. The Yankees (+600) are still in the mix as a betting alternative.

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