3 Most Important Offseason Decisions For The Detroit Tigers

The Detroit Tigers are one of the oldest and most storied franchises in Major League Baseball. With well over 100 years of history, the Tigers carry a lot of tradition into every season. Unfortunately for the Tigers and their fans, they haven’t had the kind of success that other historic teams like the Yankees and Red Sox have had; notching just four World Series titles in their history, the most recent one coming in the 1980’s. The Tigers did make it to the World Series in 2012, and had a chance to return in 2013, but lost out in the American League Championship Series to the eventual champion Red Sox.
Even still, the oddsmakers love their chances of ending their drought in 2014, giving them the second best odds in the entire league to win the World Series. Take a look at The Detroit Tigers Odds To Win The 2014 World Series Courtesy Of BetOnline American Mobile Sportsbook.

Detroit Tigers Odds To Win Championship: 8/1

Key #1: Strength from the big three

The Tigers have an astonishing $64 million tied up in salary to three players; Miguel Cabrera, Justin Verlander and Prince Fielder.
No team can succeed spending that kind of money unless they’re getting top quality play from the players they have invested in, and luckily for the Tigers it seems they have made their investments well.

Prince Fielder has earned his reputation as one of the best hitters in the game, though he is often maligned for his perceived weakness at defense. He struggled in the playoffs and will likely want to re-establish his dominance at the plate in 2014.
Justin Verlander remains one of the game’s most intimidating starting pitchers. Miguel Cabrera is a terrific hitter in his own right and also a capable defender on the field. The Tigers will surely need big contributions from all three in 2014.

Key #2: Leadership from the dugout

After long time manager Jim Leyland retired after the team was eliminated from the playoffs, everyone knew the Tigers would be in tough to find a capable replacement for one of the game’s best skippers. The Tigers believe they have found their man in Brad Ausmus, a former Major League catcher.
What’s interesting about the choice of Ausmus is that he has not coached a game in the Majors or the Minor leagues, making him a risky choice. It’s difficult to learn on the job, especially in a high pressure environment like Detroit. The Tigers hope Ausmus has what it takes to be a first rate manager, and to realize that potential immediately. It’s a gamble, and the Tigers and their fans will have to hope it turns out the way they hope in 2014.

Key #3: Help from the Central

The Tigers were in a relatively weak division in 2013, with both the White Sox and the Twins finishing well back of the playoff race. Detroit really only had to worry about Cleveland and Kansas City. A weak division always helps the dominant team stand out. Get more baseball odds and up-to-date lines and look at The Detroit Tigers Odds To Win The 2014 World Series Courtesy Of BetOnline American Mobile Sportsbook.

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