MLB Baseball Betting News – Baltimore Orioles and The Texas Rangers Both With 54 Wins Continue Their Series

What You Need To Know About MLB Betting

Handicapping in sports is the coolest things ever for making your bank grow. Baseball is one of the sports in which handicapping is practiced though not much. Baseball handicapping is unique in the way of picking winners unlike in other sports. This is so because one player, that is, the starting pitcher, has a very huge impact on the setting of the odds. In those all other sports which there is handicapping, not a single one does a sole position carries more weight in terms of how the odd makers set their individual lines. Baseball handicappers mostly look at the season statistics like the ERA, WHIP,K/BB ratio and others as well as home game performance of the players before they start making a decision on which player to bet on. Let us just look at the basic concepts about baseball handicapping.

The Top Baseball Handicappers

Some of the best players who have beaten the MLB odds several times and can therefore provide good handicapping services are:

· Mike Lineback

For some years now, Mike has been having outstanding profits. For example in 2011 he was gauged at 63-50 for +547 units, 2010 he was 115-88 for + 1,063 units and in 2009 he had a clean 138-79 for + 4650 units.

· Kyle Hunter

The summer months have been pretty good to this handicapper. In 2010 he went 226-186 earning their clients +3591 points and he was amazing in 2012 when a amassed 272-243 for +1938 units.

· Mikey Sports

He is such a constant performer handicapper each season. He decided to be deadly to book in 2012 when he went 100-74 for +569units but not as deadly as in the previous year when he went 106-62 for +2,762 units.

· Freddy Wills

He killed the books in 2009 when he went 119-83 for +2,622 units and came back with a bang in 2011 203-72! Netting +1,208 units for his clients.

· Rob Vinciletti

To round the top five lists is Rob who went 212-177 for 1,980 units in 2012 and earning his clients a total of +1,498 units from going 161-130. Get $50 FREE Pro Sports Picks from

You can clearly see how choosing the best and top handicappers can boost your bank.

The Best MLB Betting Sites

There are various MLB Baseball betting sites for USA Players found online but not all of them are genuine and guarantee you what you really want. There are some specs that place certain sites above the others. These specs are the factors which guide you which site is best for you. Ask yourself the following questions before choosing a site.

Does the MLB Betting Site For offer dime lines for baseball?

Online Sportsbooks offering true dime are very limited. The dime lines ensure that you get the most probable MLB odds on every game that you bet.

· Are they offering overnight lines?

Some of the top for players in USA are BetOnline,, 5Dimes, VietBet and the BetAnySports.

SiteBonusVisit / Review
1.SportBet Online SportsbookSportBet Online Sportsbook

SportBet is a highly reputable sportsbook where American (USA) residents or players can bet on MLB Baseball and any other sport. They currently hold a SBR Rating of A- and our readers have said good things about them in our last survey.




2.VietBET Online SportsbookVietBET Online Sportsbook

Vietbet is the original Asian online sports betting site that has several brands such as Chinese Bookie, and Bet Any Sports. Since 2002 Vietbet has been taking wagers from sports bettors and currently has an SBR forum rating of A-.




3.GT Bets Online USA SportsbookGT Bets Online USA Sportsbook

GT Bets Online Sportsbook Accepts American (USA) Players and was founded in 2011. They are a new sportsbook but have achieved a B ranking on the SBR forum.




4.BetAnySports Online SportsbookBetAnySports Online Sportsbook

Established in 2004 and based on of Costa Rica, BetAnySports is an online sportsbook that allows American (USA) residents to bet on MLB Baseball and all sports.




5.BetOnline SportsbookBetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline is much more than a USA friendly sportsbook to place your MLB Baseball wagers, BetOnline is know for its excellent customer service to players from the United States of American as well as their Lifetime Bonus Guarantee.





Baseball lines mostly move throughout the day, but why choose the overnight lines? It is pretty simple- you stand a greater chance to get in early before any action moves the odd out of your favor.

Free Online MLB Baseball Betting Picks for USA Players

They are called free MLB betting picks because the winner is almost definitely known. One of the players in the MLB has been performing poorly while the other has a good record. Therefore betting on them brings certain certainty of winning. An example of this is a game of Washington vs. Atlanta.

Baseball is a good game to bet on. You can easily earn yourself more dollars if you become a keen and a flexible bettor in the MLB. you can now sign up to the real MLB and i bet that your earnings will be amazing.