Baltimore Orioles History – American League East

Otherwise known as “The Birds” or “The O’s”, The Baltimore Orioles are an MLB team based out of the American League East. The franchise started out playing baseball as the Milwaukee Brewers in the minor leagues in the Western division. Make sure that you visit our friends at to find the best USA online casinos.

The Milwaukee Brewers were founded in 1894 and you bettor bet that The Orioles were present when the Western League became the American League in 1900. After the American League moved away from the baseball’s national agreement and began to compete against The MLB. However in 1902 the Baltimore Orioles moved to St. Louis, and was renamed The Browns.

Baltimore Orioles History - American League East

The Browns were a very good team and had many successful MLB baseball betting seasons between the years of 1901-1922. Through the years the team became very popular and I would bet a Baltimore Orioles MLB game that they were not a shortage of fans in the seats. After the roaring twenties the Browns were not as victorious and eventually the Franchise was sold.

The Browns were the only St. Louis based American league that won a pennant at the US online Sportsbooks. The Browns were the last of the sixteen teams that made it up to the Major leagues to play The World Series between the years of 1901 -1960.

In 1951, the owner of The Cleveland Indians, Bill Veeck bought The Browns. Bill Veeck allegedly was big on eclectic antics and you bettor bet that some baseball fans hated and other MLB fans loved. In 1954 Veeck sold his share of the team and the new owners moved the franchise to Baltimore.

During the years of 1954 – 1965 The Baltimore Orioles were a successful baseball team. The years of 1966-1983 The Baltimore Orioles acquired many top-notch players and built a fantastic MLB betting team.

The term “The Oriole Way” was born which stood for something being doing almost flawlessly. Some players that would compel most sports fans to bet on the Orioles that Baltimore acquired are Al Bumbry who came to the Orioles in 1973. MLB Baseball players Eddie Murray came to the Orioles in 1977, and superstar Cal Ripken, Jr. Joined The Baltimore Orioles in 1982.
The years from 1984- 1991 The Baltimore Orioles did not play well, and the people who bet on the Orioles were not victorious (Unless they bet the Over/Under). 1988 was one of the worst years The Orioles had ever, they lost twenty-one game in a row. Needless to say the odds were stacked against them and needed a big change.

Despite a controversy about Babe Ruth’s Birthplace, the Baltimore moved their stadium to a new, improved, fresh stadiums named Oriole Park at Camden Yards. In 1993 the ownership of the franchise changed and returned the team to a local owner, which seemed to perk the baseball players up.

In 1996 and 1997 The Orioles made in back to the Baseball playoffs after many years and changes. Things seems to be on the rise for the Orioles however the late 1990’s and the early 2000’s were not victorious years for the MLB team. In 2005 The Orioles played excellent baseball and held the first place of the American League over sixty games in a row.

During the All Star baseball-betting break, the team began to struggle and things did not turn favorably. After the all-star break the Orioles second half MLB Betting record was 32-60. Since then there has been many changes to the staff, coaches, and players. The Orioles have played bettor but nothing like they did during the glory years.

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