New York Yankees Off season Moves

New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman has been a busy man. The New York Yankees team setup is a whole lot different from the one in 2013. Poor performance and free agency meant that changes had to be made.

MLB 2014 Offseason moves

On December 5th the Yankees introduced catcher Brian McCann who they signed for $85Million, a 5-year contract. McCann’s key attributes are power and passion, something that the Yankees will definitely welcome. But if there’s a downside to his signing though then it has to be his ability to play a full season.

Brendan Ryan

They then brought in Brendan Ryan from the Seattle Mariners in exchange for a player. He’ll be a dependable fielder to man the shortstop position but it looks like a back-up signing. With regard to exits, Curtis Granderson joined the Mets from the Yankees after the end of 2013.Another addition was free agent Jacob Ellsbury; signed from the Boston red Sox the Yankees have tied him down to a 7-year, $153Million contract. Ellsbury is the youngest of the starting outfielders. The Yankees are looking to bolster the outfield and to make sure Gardner plays in his natural position. Like McCann, there’s a downside to him too, he has managed to reach the 150 game mark only twice in his career so far. His strengths are range and speed on the bases. He can also hit in clutch situations. This should be taken well by the Yankees fans. The Yankees did not stop there; Kelly Johnson came in on a 1-year deal. He was brought in to replace Robinson Cano who joined the Seattle Mariners on a 10-year, $240Million. Hiroki Kuroda was also resigned on December 6th. He’s 38 years old, he doesn’t have many seasons left in him but his contribution could be vital. On December 17th Brian Roberts was signed in a 1-year, $2Million deal. He comes to fill gap left at second base. He has a reputation that precedes him; he was once an All-Star second Baseman while playing for the Baltimore Orioles. The downside to this signing is a familiar story as one with the other signings, injury and age. There was also room for the signing of outfielder Carlos Beltran. Beltran on a 3-year, $45Million deal. He is 37 years old and with that you can already tell that age is a factor when looking for the downsides to his signing. Former Boston Red Sox reliever Thornton has also joined the New Yankees ranks

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