Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Colorado Rockies

The Los Angeles Dodgers will face off against The Colorado Rockies their last contest in the four game MLB betting series. The Los Angeles Dodgers won the first two games but The Colorado Rockies were able to beat The Dodgers 8-7 in game three, sending the over bettors to pick up their cash at the Money Gram. The game kicks off today at 4:10 PM EST and will be broadcast on SNLA, and ROOT.

While the Los Angeles Dodgers have had a streak of back-to-back wins, Colorado Rockies are avoiding falling into the worst records ever in baseball. The Dodgers will be looking up to their seventh victory in eight road games while the Rockies prepare to give their best performance this season.

The obvious predictable outcome is a resounding win of the Dodgers at the expense of the Rockies. All the best will be in favor of a win by the Dodgers. All the measurable parameters show that today’s contest should be easy for the Dodgers and provide them with a platform to continue with their impressive trend towards the top. However, baseball is not always predictable, even the experts from the best MLB Sportsbook make the wrong pick.

The Dodgers are expected to regroup from their loss against The Cleveland Indians. It is undoubted that the team has had a solid pitching and is expected to prepare for the Dodgers. Dan Haren (8-4, 3.57 ERA) is under pressure and is expected to come through for his team. He will be the man in focus especially after holding the Indians one hit over seven innings in Chavez Ravine.

The fact that the Colorado Rockies may be without their three main top hitters Carlos Gonzales, Troy Tulowitzki, and Michael Cuddyer gives the game an anticipated new twist. They are at a disadvantage especially when facing a formidable team like The Los Angeles Dodgers. The team will do their best to prevent falling into the worst start ever in history with a 22-14 start. Could this turn to be their motivation to disappoint the Dodgers? We will find out during today’s MLB betting action.

Walt Weiss, the Dodgers manager is tired of being kicked around as he said in an interview. He feels The Dodgers have to do something about it. Pessimists would say that something would have been done with other easier teams and not teams of the statute of the Dodgers. However, sheer motivation has the ability to surprise and do wonders. It is a must win for the underdogs.

Jorge De La Rosa (8-6, 4.86) has not been vibrant in the games as expected. He has had a seasons worst eight runs and a loss at their stadium. In his seven careers starts versus Los Angeles, he has had 2-5 with a 7.65 ERA. On June 8, he gave up five runs over 5/1/3 innings and the team lost 6-1. Compared to Haren, De La Rosa has had a bad performance that is comparable to his team.

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