Bet The Cardinals Or Dodgers Tonight?

Many baseball fans are up in the air about whom they should wager on in tonight matchup between the Cardinal and The Dodgers. touched on this when we picked the Cardinals earlier today.

Is The Best Bet The Cardinals Or The Dodgers?

Furthermore we want to explain the reason why we feel that the best baseball bet tonight is to bet the Cardinals. Currently The Cardinals are the underdogs but when you think about it, why do the odds makers have The Dodgers as they favorite?
Could it be about the starting Pitchers?

We believe that the US Baseball betting sites have deemed the Cardinals as the underdogs because of the starting pitcher. Lance Lynn has been playing stellar baseball in the last three games that he started in. Lynn currently has a 3.24 ERA, which is much better than The Dodgers starting pitcher Ricky Nolasco. Ricky Nolasco has a 12.75 ERA during the last three games that he started in and he has only pitched in four out of the nine innings of each of these games.

What is Lynn’s career start against The Dodgers?

Lance Lynn is 2-0 with a 2.50 ERA against The Los Angeles Dodgers. Nolasco has a horrible 3-4 record against St Louis with a 3.99 ERA. In Lynn’s three career starts against the Dodgers he has a 2.50 ERA and a 2-0 record, while Nolasco is 3-4 against the Cardinals with a 3.99 ERA. The Cardinals currently have a .273 batting average and have scored over five runs per game when they have faced right-handed pitchers. The Los Angeles Dodgers have not performed as well at home as The Cardinals have. They are averaging 3.6 runs per game, how does that compare to Lynn’s average?

What do you think is the best baseball bet for tonight?

The majority of the action that the US Sportsbooks are taking is people betting on the St Louis Cardinals.

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